Perhaps you have just taken a picture of a celebrity on your pocket camera or mobile phone – or you have an old picture of someone before they were famous – and you’re wondering how much it’s worth?

Well stop wondering and start earning by contacting us so that we can turn your picture into cash for you immediately.


What type of picture sells?

A photograph of something newsworthy or currently in the news.

A photograph of a celebrity, politician, VIP or member of the Royal Family.  For it to sell it needs be exclusive ie not a shot that other people will have.

A picture of something bizarre or extraordinary.

Why not sell it myself?

Handing that picture over to a newspaper or magazine as you wait to find out is just about the worst thing you can do. That’s because the whoever keeps control of the copyright of that picture – especially if it is a good picture – can potentially sell it around the world. So why on earth would you hand the picture over to a newspaper or someone else who takes the copyright away from you?


What should I do next?

Contact us via our email or telephone number before anyone else and we will come back to you straightaway, or simply fill out and submit the form opposite.


How can I be sure that you won’t rip me off?

Easy – we will send you a legal guarantee that we will not sell your picture to anyone before a fee has been agreed with you. And if you want us to syndicate your picture around the world you will be kept informed at all times about all the income it generates.


What if I’m not sure if it’s a good photo or not?

Again this could not be simpler – we are the experts so we can tell you if it will sell or not. Sometimes a picture of a celebrity looking less than glamorous, for example, sells more than a posed up shot of them looking pristine.



What our clients say about us:

"Contacting Money For Your Picture was the best thing I ever did. They sold my picture worldwide, earning me a huge amount of money and saving me a lot of hassle. With several calls maybe I'd have got my photo into a newspaper or magazine (probably being ripped off given that I had no idea what it was worth) but I'd never have got the coverage they did and certainly not earned anywhere near the cash they made for me."